HCS Halal Guarantee

Our clients are our best advertising. Our technical and shariah-based auditors assist all major and small organizations worldwide to ensure the Halal quality of their products. Most prominent halal enterprises in Switzerland and Europe are our loyal, established clientele.

HCS has been doing pioneer work for years. We are counted among the first certification bodies that have certified food-graded lubricants (Shell Aseol AG, Fuchs Lubritech), vaccines (Berna Biotech), and even flavors (F.I.S once Nestlé, Givaudan).

An HCS-Certificate is recognized worldwide as a guarantee of professional, trustworthy, and shariah-complaint certification with the highest quality. The collaboration and combined input of world-class scientists and legal and religious scholars from around the world assures a Halal guarantee on the entire value chain of a product.

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Office Locations

Halal Certification Services (HCS) certifies companies all over the world. Our locally-based auditors can speak and assist in your local languages. Find the contact details of our offices nearest to you as mentioned below:

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